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Why choose Ignitia?

  • Enforces budget compliance to prevent spending above authorized amount
  • Track authorized vs. planned spend
  • Increases internal visibility
  • Central system workflow to maintain audit trail

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Why choose Ignitia?

The media industry has changed dramatically over the last decade – audiences have grown, and with it - media volumes and the complexity of the ecosystem. The industry needs a system for the future - the need for order is clear.


Ignixia is the next-generation cross-media financial management platform that’s powers every step of the campaign lifecycle. Flexible, open, and collaborative, Ignixia interfaces with multiple core accounting, and planning systems so you can maintain centralized control of all data and processes. Additionally, Ignixia serves to differences in regional requirements by providing multi-company, multi-currency, multi-language functionality, and country and tax revenue options.

Tech Specs & Compatibility

Ignitia is a web-based application delivered on a Windows Server and SQL Server platform. The application is accessible via HTML 5 compatible web browsers.