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Why choose Lumina?

  • Connected, end-to-end workflow between planning, buying and measurement
  • Data-driven with integration with 1st party, 3rd party performance, research, and historical data
  • Eliminates hundred of hours of work though data centralization
  • Central workflow provides teams with both granular and organization-wide understanding of activity

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How does Lumina work?

Lumina is Mediaocean’s global, cross-media planning and analytics platform. Lumina enables marketers to plan, measure, and optimize through an end-to-end system. With convergence driving the need for continuous planning and optimization, Lumina bridges each step of the media planning process, additionally integrating media buying systems and data, to achieve a connected workflow across all channels.


Lumina is comprised of plan management, audience modeling, budget authorizations, and working capital.

Tools for the end-to-end workflow

Lumina Plan Management

Manage your media plans across channels, brands, and markets.

How it Works

Lumina Authorizations

Manage cross-media budget authorizations and enforce budget compliance.

How it Works